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Vellichor Chocolates

noun. vel-li-chor

n. the strange wistfulness of used bookstores, which are somehow infused with the passage of time.


Art Direction, Identity & Branding, Print, Copywriting


SCAD Project




I needed to create a chocolate bar packaging design based on reflecting my personality and hobbies. I needed to write my own copy and create my own visuals for the packaging.


I started with the idea of reading, since this is my favorite hobby. I wanted to create a "series" with packaging to mimic the act of going to a bookstore and picking up a book to read it. Except in my case, you would be eating the book. 


Lyka isn’t the only one struggling

to escape.


In a world torn apart by war, Lyka will do anything to get a ticket to escape hell. The Earthshine Chocolates are offering the select few a chance to start fresh in a new off-world colony but for a steep price.  Lyka will have to prove herself in the cacao caves before she is considered a candidate. But the caves are not the only test. To earn her place on the next flight, she must lie, cheat, and steal to prove her worth. Earthshine Chocolates can not only be her rescue, but possibly her death.


How far would you go to find salvation?



It’s a night like any other on the spaceship Poseidon.


Then, catastrophe strikes: the personal transport ship crashes into an asteroid and plummets into the nearest planet. Deela Lister, a mechanic employed by Earthshine Chocolates, wakes up among the ship wreckage...alone. Deela is forced to survive on an inhabited planet where the elements are against her. Her future on the deadly planet is ever-present in her mind, but her past at Earthshine starts to reveal the planet’s hidden chocolate secrets.


The only way out is to survive. 



A new wormhole has just opened, and its riches can corrupt the purest soul.


Earthshine Chocolates has offered a reward for whoever can claim the first planet ripe with cocoa beans. Hura, a cocoa ship pilot on route to her next drop off point, sees a way out of her monotonous life. As she makes her way toward the new doorway, she starts to see just how dangerous this voyage is. The closer Hura and her crew get, the more treacherous the race becomes. Seemingly harmless ships and crews start to become violent and murderous to take out their competitors. Hura must decide if the reward is worth losing her humanity.


If you want to win, you can’t trust anyone.

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