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Heirloom Welcome Box

This was a personal project for Heirloom Luxury Vacation Homes. This box was inspired by a recent trip to one of their homes in Savannah, Georgia. The final deliverables included: strategy and company analysis, packaging, product research, and co-branded packaging with local businesses.


Art Direction, Packaging Design, Illustration


Personal Project




I was inspired to create a luxurious welcome box for the vacation rental locations of Heirloom. This box was to promote local businesses by incorporating their products in the welcome box.


I wanted to create a welcome box that would fit the tone and goals of the rental company, Heirloom. I created illustrations of homes found in one of the main locations, New Orleans. After researching the most famous attractions, I chose merchandise for the box. I also used my new illustrations to create co-branded packaging for my merchandise. 


Mission Statement

Our goal is for each Heirloom stay to be a unique travel experience in and of itself.


We believe that our luxury rentals facilitate the kinds of memories that ultimately make travel worth it: cooking a meal in the chef’s kitchen. Kicking back on the patio with friends. Gathering together for a family movie night.

At Heirloom, we go out of our way to make sure everything is locally sourced and matches the historical nature of each space.

Merchandise Designs

I chose a few of the local souvenirs to be re-branded and included in the box, such as Aunt Sally's Pralines, Joel Gott wine, French Market Coffee, and more. The tote bags are printed with illustrations of some of the houses from the beautiful city of New Orleans.

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