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Adonis Oil

In my senior exhibition at the University of North Georgia, I created a graphic design campaign to inform the public on how major corporations can influence their consumers through branding and marketing.


Exhibition, Print, Digital & Web


UNG Project




Create a campaign that is your senior exit exhibition. This project needs to have multiple media components. 


I started this project by creating a mock company called ​One-Self​, which is a company that offers to make a clone of yourself. My graphic design campaign consisted of a website and posters that had typical brand manipulation aspects.


I digitally painted the main "subject" of my show concept. The double "O" on her lip represents the overall concept of "One-self." This later evolved into a website that encouraged the viewer to take a deeper look at branding manipulation.


As a conclusion to my show, I created a manual on how to avoid brand manipulation in a real-life setting. By combining these two works, I hope to encourage my viewers to pay attention to their consumer habits in my series ​One-Self​

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