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Book Trailers

n. book • trailer

A book trailer is a helpful marketing tool to promote your book. Adapted from the term "movie trailer", a book trailer is a short promotional video distributed across multiple platforms to help you increase your online presence and reach a wider audience.


Art Direction, Digital Production






I was tasked to create a series of short videos that are inspired by a hobby or passion of mine. The video was to have all elements of design, but it must have audio and visual typography effects.


My greatest passion is reading, so from this hobby I started to plan out my videos. I chose my favorite books in each type of genre, and I designed new book covers and digitally-painted illustrations for them. I wrote the copy and chose the songs in the video to hint at the overall plot of the book.

The Book Covers

This part of the project was to inspire the viewer to read more and to branch out of their book routine. The book covers were created by using composite painting or digital painting using a Wacom tablet.

Book Trailers
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