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Fast Food


Art Direction | Illustration | Strategy 

This was a group project in partnership with Melt Advertising. This campaign was inspired by the insights:

- Wingstop's flavors were so good they were shocking. 
- The obsession with Wingstop is so out-of-control, it’s scandalous.
- Embracing the brand’s established voice with humor that has shock value.
- Referencing pop culture in a recognizable, shocking way that connects with the audience and makes them laugh.


We were tasked by Melt Advertisting to build brand affinity of Wingstop with young Millennials and Generation Z. This included a 360 campaign (print, digital, social media, and OOH) and an experiential activation. They needed to choose an event in Spring 2019 (relevant to the target audience) to launch the experiential activation.


This campaign focused on the idea that the flavors are so good, it’s shocking. We incorporated scandalous or shocking experiences from history, sports, major life events, and pop culture in a humorous, light-hearted way. This offered endless opportunities to engage with the audience on many different levels.


Event Illustrations

For our event that we chose to premiere our experiential activation, we picked Mile High Fest. 

For our pop-up building, I illustrated several different activities (based on descriptions written by team members) for the guests, while also keeping our theme of "shockingly flavorful" woven throughout all the areas.

Wing-a-zing COLOR.jpg


In the "Wing-a-zing" area, you could take photos and get your own "shocking" magazine.

Is It A Wing?

Wing Zapper

In the "Is it a wing" area, you would have to guess if the object on the conveyor belt was a chicken wing or a random object like a shoe or clam shell.

In the Wing Zapper, you could interact with a giant wing that would mimic a plasma ball and give the user tiny shocks when touched.


Wing Roof

As a conclusion to the pop-up experience, you would head to the roof to try out the flavors and play some cornhole. You would then exit via the inflatable "tongue" slide and head back to the festival.

Merchandise Designs

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