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Reach For The Stars




Art Direction | Digital Media Production |
App Design | Strategy 

My team and I were tasked to create a campaign for Coca-Cola in celebration of their 100-year partnership with the Olympics for the upcoming 2028 games. Our big idea for this campaign was, "Reach For The Stars". This tagline was to inspire people to achieve their dreams and celebrate a better tomorrow. The final deliverables included: strategy and company analysis, design toolkit, merchandise, vending, OOH advertising, social media activation.


Design Toolkit

We used different visuals to share the story of Reach For The Stars. Each element was created with specific reasoning behind it such as:

Star Burst: Both Coca-Cola and the Olympics connect people, cultures, and countries across the entire globe. This is a symbol of the connectivity they bring.

Dynamic Ribbon: Instantly recognizable, the Coca-Cola swoosh is an iconic part of their image. 

Circles: From the Coca-Cola bottle caps to the Olympic rings, to the bubbles in a Coke, circles symbolize a lot of important aspects. Circles also represent timelessness, like the timelessness of the partnership between Coca-Cola and the Olympics.

Star Points: Coca-Cola inspires people everywhere. Always looking to the future, Coca-Cola encourages everyone to reach for the stars. This is a symbolization of that message.


Coca-Cola has been there for us, let’s be there for each other too! Introducing a space for us to celebrate and support each other as we all reach for the stars.

Here’s how it works:

1. At Coca-Cola’s touch screen vending machines, customers will be asked if they would like to take a picture of themselves and share a goal that they are currently reaching for or an exciting milestone that they have reached.


2. The screen will let people know how to share their message.


3. If they want to share, they will receive a coupon to get their next vending machine Coke for free.


4. Large screens on the front and sides of the vending machine will display an ongoing loop of the images and messages. The vending machines will also spotlight celebrities and athletes by sharing their messages along with everyone else’s. 


App Design

As an extension of the vending machines, I created an app that allowed you to share all of your "Reach For The Stars" moments with your friends and family. 

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