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This campaign is to create brand loyalty in the up and coming digitally-focused youth. This new take on the Liquitex advertising will spark a younger audience to buy their products. This campaign will also start brand loyalty so that Liquitex consumers see that the company can stay relevant to today’s trends and competitors.



Art Direction, Environmental

SCAD Project




Create one integrated ​headline-driven​ campaign. ​You may only feature the logo, product shot, or a simple background. No other visuals​. ​


Liquitex, even though it is very popular in painting circles, has little to no advertising for its brand. What little advertising there is, is not reaching the current generation. So to solve this problem, I created a campaign that bridged the gap between the upper-class painters to the younger art student who wants to see the world through a new light.


I used Liquitex paints on the sheets of glass while also incorporating type found on their website compiled with my own handwriting to give an organic composition and personal aspect. With this technique, my consumer would see that they too are encouraged to mix and paint in a new and unique way, by not only painting from life but mixing from life.

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