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Hard Rock




Art Direction | Illustration | Digital Media Production 

This was a group project in partnership with Gray Advertising Global. We were tasked to create a line of fragrances inspired by three artists. The final deliverables included: strategy and company analysis, three fragrance bottles, merchandise, PR kit, experiential, OOH advertising, social media activation, and product launch planning.


The PR Kit

This PR kit was designed by me and was made to promote the launch of the fragrance. I made this kit with the idea of having a tin box that would contain all of the merchandise and fragrance samples but also be interactive. 

The bottom of the box contains a touch screen that lets the user interact with the bottle design, but it would also be a thermal sensor that could tell what fragrance would suit the user best, based on body heat.

I also designed the sample bottles of fragrance, branded AirPods, a brochure to tell more about Hard Rock™, and gum (flavor was inspired by the artists).

Event Designs

For the product launch, we decided to make rooms for our guests to experience. Each room was inspired by one of the artists with different sensory elements that were used to immerse the audience. I personally designed the rooms based on descriptions written by the event team. The room that was focused on was Camila's cool, tropical hideaway. 


I also created wearable tech that would be your "ticket" to the event. This armband was also interactive and could not only be your drink voucher but would also be a wearable date finder. The bands would project one of the artist's designs, and you would have to find another person having the same design in the room. After that, the band would monitor your heart rate, and either tell you that it's a match or pair you up with another user. 

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